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In 1961 our grandfather Rudolph started his first pizzeria, then after 10 yrs of running the family store his son Keith opened his own store in 1981. In 1996, Scott & Bill Andersen purchased the store and expanded to two locations in 1999. Now a 4th generation is running around the kitchens and dining rooms helping to continue the family tradition.
Our 3 generation old dough recipe, with our unique handling process, creates our signature crispy crust. Our gas fired-stone baked ovens help add to the crust texture and flavor. Our sauce is made with select Stanislaus fresh pack tomatoes, and is slow cooked for over 2 hours to build a robust, zesty flavor profile. Our mozzarella is the same South Alma blend we used since 1981 and gives a nice rich, smooth creamy flavor. We purchase our Italian Sausage from Stittsworth meats, and make from scratch most all of other meats and sauces. We are proud of the hard work our staff puts into making your experience a unique one!

To Produce great food, consistently, with speed, in a clean, organized, customer always first service environment, while being able to promote our team and grow profitably.

1. We provide great, fresh, consistent food in a timely manner, in a spotless, organized, efficient environment, where our customers say "wow" to our service and experience.
2. Every day we work hard to achieving these values with character, honesty, integrity, and accountablility.
3. The company grows profitably, and always invests in its future and employees.
4. We promote and advance those who commit to the values, and train and live the value system every day.

A passion to achieve and exceed the core value system, grow sales profitably every year, promote within the company and be involved in the community.

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